About Us


Our Mission

We at MuchBitcoin are proud to be a part of the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem for the past 8 years plus. Our mission is to simply educate people by teaching them the core ethos behind Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin?, Why is it important?, Where can I get some? and Why should I care about Bitcoin? – we hope to have answered all these questions.

Our Beginning

We learned about Bitcoin in 2011 from an online article. Since then, our journey in the space has been nothing short of witnessing a miracle. Bitcoin was not supposed to happen, yet it did.

Our Journey

We did not just read about all the major events in the space, we literally lived through the majority of them. We got to see the space evolve firsthand, from nothing, to where it is today.

We continue to be excited about our journey for the next decade! We look forward to seeing you there!

“Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser.”
Wences Casares – Major Technology Entrepreneur