Become a Global Bitcoin Merchant

Integrate Bitcoin and Lightning payments for your goods and services at your online / physical store.

Bitcoin payments can be integrated through:

  • hosting a BTCPay server
  • a third party payment processor
When you integrate Bitcoin payments, you are still accepting other forms of payments like credit cards. You are just adding bitcoin payments as an additional payment method.

Benefits of accepting bitcoin:

  • global reach
  • save on fees
  • no charge backs
  • collect less customer personal info
  • safer than physically holding cash

Benefits of accepting Lightning payments:

  • Designed for coffee payments
  • save on more fees
  • instant and secure transactions
  • more private than bitcoin payments
BTCPay: Self-Hosted Server

= Supports Lightning payments

  • If you are not tech savvy consider hiring a developer to setup BTCPay.
  • Enable Lightning payments.
  • More BTCPay Video Guides
3rd Party Payment Processors

= Supports Lightning payments

  • Enable Bitcoin Lightning payments.
  • Disable all altcoin payment options. They are unprofessional and confusing.
Simple Method: Static Bitcoin Address

  1. Provide a bitcoin address generated from your wallet. Users can send bitcoin to the address.

    Example: 35JZ72myPm2HUNLHq2ozA6Z2dvbmSCFV3W

  2. Provide a bitcoin address in QR-code format. The receiver can use a barcode scanner like on a smartphone to scan it to autofill in the bitcoin address and/or amount requested.

  • Not recommended for professional / business use. Address re-use is bad for sender & receiver privacy.
“I believe the internet will have a native currency [...] I think it will be [Bitcoin] because given all the tests it’s been through [...]”
Jack Dorsey - CEO of Twitter and Square